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    A pleasure to share the @AgBioData community outreach booth with projects including @Planteome & @LegumeFed

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  2. Song Li talking abt Integrated Transcriptome & Proteome Analyses Reveal Cell Type-Specific Regulation of Alternative Splicing in Arabidopsis

  3. Poplar Interactome project is funded by @EnergyPressSec . Talking about novel identification under

  4. compared to intolerant drought tolerant rice show not much difference in their carboxylation rates under drought: Kusum Naithani @PAGmeeting

  5. scheduled to talk today in few minutes 9:03-09:23 AM Pacific Salon 2 @PAGmeeting Poplar lncRNA identification and analysis in Poplar

  6. David Hendrix to talk about Identification & Pathway Association of Abiotic Stress-Responsive in Populus trichocarpa @PAGmeeting

  7. Kusum Naithani @PAGmeeting frm @uarkpress on Use of Mechanistic & Empirical Models of Photosynthesis to Explore Genetic Variation in Rice

  8. linked PDF of individual accepted Proceedings papers also available from respective abstract 

  9. Announcing: and 2016 Conference Proceedings are online now available from CEUR 

  10. ICBO2016 keynote video Challenges In Mapping the Nation's Climate and Weather: Every day, Everywhere