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The ICBO Steering committee members are:

The steering committee is currently formed according to the following policy:

    1. The steering committee consists of six or more people.
    2. Membership in the steering committee expires after three years.
    3. The general chairs of ICBO conferences automatically become members of the steering committee for three years, starting from the year when the workshop takes place. If they have been members of the steering committee in the year before the conference, then their term is extended by three years, starting from the year of the conference.
    4. Normally, one new member is elected annually at the ICBO conference business meeting (using the two-round system). In case the general chair of the confernece is already a member of the steering committee (see 3. above), a second new member is elected.
    5. The steering committee may appoint new members of the steering committee, for example to fill a vacancy or to add a representative from a particular group.